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Winding the Spinning Top

  • Hold the string in your dominant throwing hand (I'm left handed, so I'd hold the string in my left hand).

  • Grasp the shoulder of the spinning top in the other (non dominant) hand.

  • Wrap the knotted end of the string around the crown.

  • Hook the string on the string anchor knot.

  • Pull the string tight against the anchor knot to make sure it is secure.

  • Bring the string down past the shoulder to the point.

  • Holding the spinning top on its side; keep the tip pointed at the other hand.

  • Wrap the string over the spinning top and around the body of the top beginning at the point.

  • Wrap the string tightly and smoothly up the spinning top until the string is fully wound on the spinning top.

If the string isn't tight enough, it will tangle and the spinning top will fly out of control.  Be careful!  We don't want broken valuables here!

The Spin (on the Ground)

There are several ways to throw spinning tops.  Find the way that works best for you.  The side-arm throw is a common way to start spinning tops.

  • Hold the spinning top in your dominant throwing hand.

  • Place the string between your fingers with the button at the back of your hand (or the loop around your finger).  If you don't have a button or loop in the string, you can wrap the string around your

How I Started Spinning

Byron T. Watts

I am a top spinner almost by birth. My father is also a top spinner. As a kid I watched Dad's performances and thought of the spinning top as "his toy".

Recently, I decided that I also want the spinning top to be "my toy". I decided to start trying to actually spin the top and see where I go from there....

Although I occasionally attempt juggling bean bags, my specialty is the spinning top, a close relative of the diabolo. When I say "spinning top," most people say, "What is that?" The top spinning community is much smaller in the United States now than it once was. Companies like Duncan Toy Company, Royal Top Company and Cheerio sold spinning tops until the 1960's.

As I understand it, Donald F. Duncan introduced the United States

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